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Default Re: Some of the "Indigo Children"?

Wow! All of this from a positive topic?

BTW, Hey, Swanny!...Catch! It's a football helmet, shield and sword! Good Luck! :-)

Lorien wrote:
Swanny. Firstly Perplex never said anyone was better than anyone, so be nice and back off him please

Second, you don't know what the motives of their parents are, and these parents didn't even label theirs as Indigo children, I merely stated that in my post. As I stated in a previous post, we do not know what goes on in their home life so I think it's a bit rude to assume such things even of people who say that their children are "Indigo Children".
This was provoking, so I decided to be provoked. Basically, the above qoute/response was "rude" in itself.
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