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Default Re: Some of the "Indigo Children"?

I completely agree with the food connection.

What they have done to our food is criminal. After looking at a photo essay of families around the world sitting behind a table with 1 weeks groceries on it, the conclusion was that the family in Chad, are probably healthier then the family in the USA (or Mexico etc), because their food looked "real". i started a thread about it and would love to know what you think.

i completely agree with the "how we let them play" theory...and i applied it with all three of mine. The education system in Canada also wanted to put 2 out of three of my kids on ritalin (bugs me that spellcheck wants me to put a capital letter on ritalin, sigh )...i never let them..fortunately is was an easy battle for not always is for others.

i also know a mom, how had a Down syndrome child....she had 7 kids...she treated her just like every other child...and she grew up quite normally without ANY governmental "help".

"as many as you can get in your brain" you sound like my friend...self taught and very wise...she cured my daughters warts (many of them on her hands) with olive leaf pills! they were gone in 3 weeks...she tells me it also can cure cold sores...attacks the parasite rather then the symptom.

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Mine was about a nutritional answer for ADD and ADHD. Give the child all the vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and every other type of nutrient their particular body needs, and 90-95% of the time, the child or person has no need for any drugs at all.

Our food supply has been so horribly adulterated that all the chemical, food coloring and sugars contribute to bad and even criminal behavior.

My chapter was "A Nutritional Answer" and highlighted a product called "Smart Start" which unfortunately because of a company merger is no longer being made. Further research through the years has brought to my attention metabolic typing as all humans do not have the same nutritional needs, and different types of brain training.

One of the most important things is to let a child crawl around - to help make the connections between the left and right brain. The list is huge ... almost every type of behavior problem has a solution. Many, many autistic children can be cured with an individualized approach - the first step is to try a diet with zero gluten (from wheat and other grains) and zero casein (from milk) . Even babies with Down Syndrome (no S on Down) are not born retarded. Who discovered this? A mother who adopted a baby girl with Down Syndrome. There is now a nutritional and physical therapy program where other than the facial features, these children can develop normal or near normal intelligence.

I trained as a Medical Technologist (medical laboratory testing) worked in that field for 13 years and have gone on to become self-taught in as many nutritional and alternative therapies as I can keep cramming into my brain. I am like a big directory of therapies, specializing in none.
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