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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

Its hard to imagine what true disclosure would mean to us as a race. One has to think about the reasons governments would keep the existence of extra terrestrial life a secret in the first place.

I imagine there would be troops on the streets guarding capitals and powerful industry.
I imagine that the first response of the general public would be fear. Fear would quickly turn to anger like the child of 17 that is told it was adopted at 3.
I imagine a global pandemic of fear with a few enlightened ones trying to settle us down.
it would take quite some time for people to be relaxed enough to return to work or function as a networked society.

Every decision the government had ever made would be called into question regardless of whether the ETs showed up or not.
I personally think the machine would come to a grinding halt, although many may be ecstatic at disclosure i think the many drones among us would not.

There will be one ultimate question. What now?
What do we do now?
New leaders will be sought.
The old will try and hold onto their power. Decisions will be made out of fear and not love.

There will have to be a voice of reason, compassion, learning, LOVE. One voice, a pillar people can turn to. A rock, a foundation stone so stable that we can build a new life on it.
That is something no politician or tv personality can give us. Maybe it has to come from within.
Whatever happens/if it happens at all, i don't think that disclosure will be the pretty picture that many envisage.

Sorry to sound so negative but like i say, until society can learn to make decisions based on love and not fear; it will never be easy. Then again, evolution is always hard if perceived as such. Until they can see the big picture...(inlakesh). Until people realize we are all one.
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