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Default Re: Invited by Aliens: Would You Join Them To Their Homeworld?

Originally Posted by TRANCOSO View Post
Imagine: you witness the landing of a UFO. A door opens & you see the occupants of the craft. They've spotted you too & start to communicate. They tell you that they originate from an Earth-like planet, many lightyears away & Earth is their last stop before they return to their homeworld.
"Perhaps you would care to join us to see with your own eyes what our planet looks like?" they ask, upon leaving.

The EBE's seem to be friendly & benevolent & promiss they'll return you at your doorstep, if you choose so.
So there you are. In an instant you have to decide whether you hop aboard an alien spacecraft & leave the whole world behind, or miss the opportunity of a lifetime by saying: "No, thank you, but not today."

What would you do?
I would have to ask myself: "why would beings from another planet make a "pit stop" on earth and choose me out of 7 billion people to invite to thier home world?"

would bringing me home be my bones in a body bag after they consumed me for a midnight snack?

Every action is caused by a motive. No one does anything "just because." Not even animals do things "just because."

Nope, the set up dictates there is motive that I am not privy too. So, I would have to decline for self preservation factors.
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