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Default Re: Invited by Aliens: Would You Join Them To Their Homeworld?

This is an interesting conversation to me.
The reason is it begins to touch on the whole "They don't kill me or injure me, so they must be friendly." mindset.
Then, there's the "They're so advanced they must be peaceful and loving and honest." mindset too.
Both are logical fallacies. (IMO)
It also has to do with 'Trust'.
How far should 'trust' go & how much trust do you put in yourself.
I mentioned my hitchhiking years. At 17 I did my black belt karate exam, so I knew I could defend myself quite sufficiently when necessary.

Spregovori made a logical remark.
If ET, that lands in front of me, is not benevolent....they probably wold not emm even bother asking for my opinion...and - I would get a ride (to the wonder land)
Life in general is about trust in yourself & trust in others. Sometimes you're disappointed, but more interesting are the moments your trust is rewarded.
We live in a 'fear-fed' society, with terrorists behind every tree & homeless, illegal aliens roaming the streets, ready to rob you of your possesions. Violence sells, so the papers are full of it. Murder is a moneymaker for the entertainement industry, so murder is where it's about on tv.

Interaction between humans is primerally based on mutual trust. If you don't trust yourself, how can you trust someone else.

Life is about asking questions, challenges, adventure... & good food.
I'm getting hungry and around the corner is a place where I find everything to my taste. So ciao4now
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