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Default Re: Invited by Aliens: Would You Join Them To Their Homeworld?

Well just depends at where your life stands at the point of contact. Would it be detrimental or productive to go along them and risk whatever "catch" they might have for a new not everyday experience.

I would not probably go whit anyone extraterrestrial but try to glean out and look inside myself should I go or not. For certain ask a few questions to try and see if what they answer holds sincerity and the like. To go along you would need to be able to be confiedent to try and figure out if they are honest or not.
If they want you along they should be able to answer anything you ask to great extents. If they are really secret and non responsive why should you then trust them? If they are ready to take you to their home they possibly can't honestly try and keep things not revealed to you.

And they should be able to take time to "convince" you to tag along as well. If they are rushy you really should be looking deep why then they would you want along in such a rush for such a long time "intimate" commitment.

The terms simply has to be on your side completely, though you might want to stay away from ridiculous things to a extent. Though you could make some absurd request you will see hard to achieve but possible. If they are sincere they will probably agree no matter what or else they will go after "easier" prey.
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