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Default Re: Canada's Inuit notice the Sun is not where it should be.

Originally Posted by droid56 View Post
So, when Inuit talk about the sun and stars, they do so with an intimate knowledge of these systems.

We've heard that the earth has tilted in the direction of the sun. Elders explain that this is why the sun is higher in the sky and there is increased and more direct heat entering the Arctic ecosystem. As Japiti explains, this has subsequently altered migratory routes of animals, warmed the ocean water, and thinned the ice cover. While this almost sounds like a fringe theory to obfuscate that fossil fuel use increases greenhouse gases, it is actually something has just recently been acknowledged by scientists.
Planet X?
It would be interesting to know if the thawing in the Arctic is more severe than in the Antarctic and areas in the Southern Hemisphere that are thawing too. Global warming and thinning ice isn't isolated to the Northern Hemisphere....

Scientists suspect that changes in migratory routes of birds may be due to the serious changes taking place in the Earths magnetosphere, birds follow certain magnetic grids or lines. If those patterns are changing after 1000's of years, then it makes sens that birds will change their patterns as well.

Changes in the magnetosphere could very well point to Planet X as well as other unknown factors in the area of the galaxy we're moving into are warming all the planets in the solar system. which doesn't excuse humanity's responsibility for environmental destruction and air pollution from carbon emissions.
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