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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

2013 sounds about right for the Draconian overlords...errr nincumpoops running the UN. They're probably secretly hoping ET just shows up so they don't have to admit they were lying for over a half a century....without being forced into it, at this point I'm beginning to believe they don't have the fortitude or the spine to admit to a cover-up.

Everything I'm seeing from our leaders indicates they are hell bent against doing the right thing, or past the point of having any competence left to solve the big problems. We can't pass health care, we can't pass effective meaningful climate legislation, we can't get out of illegal seems like we've lost the ability to solve problems on a big scale. Group think has become so laxidasical sp? and corrupt that we've lost the ability to organize and unite our efforts on a large scale...

I'm beginning to think it will happen, but not on the part of the US....we're too bogged down with opposing oppositions and infighting within the ranks of the leadership. This country has lost the ability to get things done on a meaningful scale...

Viking I'll be right by your side leading that revolution...
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