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Default Re: Canada's Inuit notice the Sun is not where it should be.

Originally Posted by lindabaker View Post
I have noticed an approximate 15 degree shift in the position of the sunrise. (I face dawn through my windows.) Last year at this time, the sun came up directly into my face as I sat with my laptop, same chair, same position. Now, the sun comes up a little to the right, or south, if I'm calculating correctly. Anybody else notice this? I remember that sometimes I had to put sunglasses on, as I don't have curtains. I remember thinking how wonderful it is to now live in the South, and laughing about ordering sunglasses online for my birthday present to myself, so I know it was December. Has the predicted pole shift happened on a timeline/place wherein the change was non-violent? Have we successfully managed this change without trauma? Or am I imagining this? Is crustal slippage still in our "future?" Geez, now I'm asking questions like orthodoxymoron! HA Ha...LB
Hi Guys,
Now that this subject has been brought up, here's my two cents worth. I live on an island in the Southeast Meditteranean. Before I went to work full time I always enjoyed sitting in a certain spot on my veranda in the late afternoon and watch the sun set over the distant hills. The colors were truly spectacular. I then began fulltime work in mid 2008 and wasn't home until after dark. I've tried a few times since then on the weekends or on one of my off days to sit and watch the sunset, but I have not been able to because it now sets approximately 15 degrees to the left or east, which puts it exactly behind my neighbor's very tall pine trees. Those trees have been very tall for at least 15 years. My friend and I often watched these sunsets together and coincidentaly brought this up just a few weeks ago. She confirmed to me as well where we would see the sun set in the past. Both of us are baffled by this change. I wonder if anyone can explain this ?

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