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- Please, Bill, do you know where we could get the “original” Ron Hubbard’s material (texts, technics, etc.), but not the newer, altered and "watered down" one?

- If so, could you post the links to Ron Hubbard’s “original” material in this thread or in the Project Camelot web site (*1)? That would be a good reference point for people to find it.

(*1) Sorry, Bill, I did not see your comment on Post 292, pag. 12. In any case, the link you indicated from a Russian server does not seem to work, this one:

Bill, do you know of any other link with the “original” Hubbard material? Is it available in E-mule, Ares, etc.?

- Are there still active groups of people who follow-practice the “original” Ron Hubbard’s findings? If so, is it possible to contact them? (*2)

(*2) Second thought: In case there are active groups, are they still being persecuted by the PTB? If so, I imagine they might not want to identify themselves. So, is it possible to practice Hubbard’s findings all by ourselves just by reading his instructions and without the help of “teachers”?

- Would it be possible to somehow “reactivate” Ron Hubbard’s “original” project to wake the world up (I mean before his project was neutralized-destroyed by the PTB)?

Dear Bill, thanks for all your replies, we really appreciate it.

I’ve almost finished reading (it’s long) your interview with “Dane Tops”, where he explains the amazing adventures of Ron Hubbard (from the original Church of Scientology) trying to escape from the constant attack of the PTB as well as the impressive discoveries he made in relation to human consciousness, recovery of all our lost memory, astral travelling, healing, etc.

The interview is impressive, it is one of the best ones. And if what Dane Top says is true, it could change the world for the better (let’s hope so).

I encourage everybody to read it, it’s a must read! So, I congratulate you and Kerry for it. Well done. This is the link:

An interview with 'Dane Tops':
The man who blew the Church of Scientology wide open

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