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Default Re: Bill Ryan's thread

Originally Posted by Seashore View Post

You are suggesting that the ability for members to initiate a question to Bill Ryan be taken away?
No -- what I am suggesting is a more functional and easy to follow method of Bill being able to communicate with the forum and for that information to be more adequately directed. There's no reason that this thread couldn't stay operational (ie: be moved to the section that I have suggested), where people can ask direct questions that do not relate to actual topics / updates / announcements that Bill would have made in the appropriate threads. Additionally, people would be able to ask specific questions on "actual" subjects, in an easy to find area that is full of other related information on such a topic.

I am rather certain that most people will not follow the entirety of a singular thread full of "everything and anything" (even though some are). This is a powerful forum software -- there's no reason why Bill should be communicating as if he were on a glorified shoutbox. It would also be a lot Easier for Bill, because in his CP, all new responses would be listed. He would also be able to remember, more efficiently which information is where, because it would all be titled under threads that he personally created and named.
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