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Default Re: Full Disclosure...Soon!

>... will Obama do the right thing?... or will the Et's disclose themselves...?

The problems associated with governments saying "we have known of an alien presence here on Earth" are so huge it just seems unimaginable that they will ever admit to it until it becomes literally impossible and stupid not to do so. That will require that the ETs (or whatever) to "present themselves" to the world in some irrefutable manner like a large protracted display of some kind. UFOs in the skies of every major city for a week or two followed by a landing and a world-wide broadcast on radio, TV, and YouTube (ha) would just about do it. However, given the secretive and deceptive history of the phenomena itself it would seem that they are not interested in "disclosing" themselves or their operations to us and therefore would be no more inclined to do so than any earth government would.

Some problems with governmental disclosure.
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Liability for past actions to maintain the secrecy. (HUGE problem)
3. Public outcry and backlash against elected officials. (Nobody wants to loose their job)
4. Military disadvantage.
5. Societal upheaval.

Some ET disclosure problems.
1. Lack of motivation.
2. Historical use of secrecy displays some great need for it.
3. Public outcry and backlash against them for abductions, shoot downs, meddling, and so forth.
4. Human propensity for violence based on ideological, superstitious, and emotional reasons.

Given the many problems associated with it, I suspect that the world-wide realization and public acceptance of an alien presence on the planet Earth will be instigated in some manner that we have yet to have imagined.
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