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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

Hi orthodoxymoron,

I say this with the up most respect to everyone here with their beliefs in mind and is just my opinion on God, Jesus, Atheist and the Devil err Satan.

Lets start with God:

God is neither malevolent or benevolent. It is the source of everything that is good or bad with with it's best intentions for the course of our universe. A collection of souls that have past through our tiered dimensions whom understand the bigger picture and tune the universe when needed. God is our source of great love and great evil. Complementary opposites within a greater whole.


Multiple souls whom volunteered to steer humanity towards enlightenment but also with no fault of their own, created religions for the weak minded whom set a course of death and destruction, all in the name of their chosen god. Religious wars continue till this day. Religion should not be used for hate nor should there be religion in the first place. These guidelines within religions are just that, guidelines; not to be worshiped, but cherished as a way of life and love towards each other.


I applaud both the Atheist and Religious people for searching for the truth but this is going from one extreme to the next. Atheism comes in many different forms and variance is to great to go in depth but the one that sticks out the most is the denial of the existence of non-physical beings and no set guideline of how people should treat each other. Life is much more meaningless in this direction.

Devil, Satan and Angels:

Devil err Satan:
Malevolent 5th dimensional beings.

Benevolent 5th dimensional beings.

I'm stating 5th dimension because Einstein and Michio Kaku state that time is the 4th dimension and non linear.
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