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Default Re: God, Jesus, Satan, Lucifer, Etc.

I don't trust what anybody says...period. I think Zagami is a real loose cannon for both the good-guys and the bad-guys. He must be a royal pain for the Jesuits. I think he is a very conflicted person. I really hope he survives. He seems to be into some very, very dangerous territory. He needs to totally commit to being a good-guy...sever all of his dark ties...and then have the best spiritual advisors and bodyguards possible...24/7.

Could it be that malevolent ET's masquerade as God, Satan, Demons, Angels, and even Deceased Relatives? I'm leaning strongly toward the idea that it's Us vs on Earth at least. I don't doubt that benevolent ET's are out there...Human, Reptilian, and Grey...but I'm tending to think we are somewhat screwed for the time being. We need a Global Exorcism big-time. I could be very wrong...but this is what I presently think.

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