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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Healing Meditation


Great post,and a simple technique that all can use,or use your own preffered.
This i must admitt resonates with me.

Selaviv,maybe your daughter could mediate daily at 8 local time,and experience the love that many add to daily,that flows around gaia at all times,the love and light will hopefully bring peace and tranquiliry,but only if she is comfortable and ready.

Love Light & ONeness

Originally Posted by mudra View Post
Dear Selaviv,

All the people that are in need of healing or that come to my attention have a special place in my heart where I hold them dearly.
Your daughter has now joined them.

Loving kindness

Love Energy Healing

By Jim Marconnet

Note: This is simply a set of suggestions to get you started helping others heal themselves. With practice, you will find what works best for you. There is no right or wrong technique. In fact there is no technique involved at all, only Loving Intent.

The next time you wait with a relative or a friend in the hospital waiting room, in the dentist's office, or anywhere, for that matter, take this healing meditation along with you. Then, instead of just sitting and perhaps worrying, do this meditation while you wait. With a little practice, you will find it very relaxing. Also, your friend or your relative will be relaxed, strengthened, and his or her body's natural healing processes will be enhanced. The people (doctors, nurses, dentists, etc.) helping your friend will also be helped during the procedure.

1. Tell your friend ahead of time that while you wait, you will be sending Love from the waiting room to relax them, to strengthen them, and to accelerate their healing. This is not an "emotion" Love, but an "energy-like" Love working for their greatest good.

2. Relax. Sit comfortably, yet attentively. Pick a comfortable chair. Sit in as comfortable a position as possible. Uncross your legs. Place feet flat on the floor, separated slightly. Keep your back straight; don't slouch. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap or on the arm rests. Turn the palms of your hands either up or down, whichever is most comfortable for you. If you are in private, you may want to point your hands and fingers upwards, with your palms facing away from you. Relax your fingers. Relax your jaw and your tongue. Think of this position as showing that you are completely relaxed and ready to receive and to send Love, to be a pipe, a channel for God's Love energy.

3. Quiet your mind of all verbal thoughts. Let the mental chatter dissipate. Open yourself to God's Love working through you. Ask for his help. Think of the person you are there for and your intent to send them Love. Smile. Be here and now. Don't Do anything, just Be. Shut out all the rest of the world. Shut your eyes if possible, or at least defocus them. It may help you relax if you roll your eyes upwards just a little. Just for now, forget the past and the future. Listen to some low, relaxing instrumental or nature-sounds music using headphones if this helps you relax and to shut out the surrounding noises. Breathe slowly through your nose, using your diaphragm.

4. Express your intent for Love to flow from God's unlimited supply to the person and to those helping him. This intent could be expressed in a short prayer such as "Bless this time for the benefit of (the person's name) and for those who help him."

5. Just sit there and let Love flow. Don't force it. Be present, but be detached from any outcome. Don't talk, sing, or eat. Don't think about the particular procedure being performed or the outcome you desire (much less any outcome you may fear!). Just intend for Love to flow for the person's greatest need, whatever that may be. Visualize them in a state of health and wholeness. Stay in the present moment. Silently observe in childlike anticipation the good that will occur as a result of God's Love flowing to your relative or your friend.

6. Rejoice with Thanksgiving. When your waiting time is over, rejoice with thanksgiving with a saying like, "Thy will be done," or "For (name of person)'s Greatest Good," or simply "Amen." Then get up slowly and go on with your life, knowing that you helped when it was needed.

What To Expect

During and after this healing meditation, you will feel relaxed, yet energized and uplifted. You may feel something deep inside the palms of your hands which some people describe as warmth, cold, pulsing, or tingling, or you may feel nothing out of the ordinary. These individualized palm feelings or the lack of them are not important in and of themselves.

Remember that the Love involved here is not Your Love, but God's Love available in infinite supply. You are simply being an instrument, a channel, a metaphorical tube for God's Love energy to flow for helping healing. There is no need to give energy from your own energy field, which would quickly become depleted, using up your own reserves, and subjecting you to illness yourself. Remembering that all healing Love comes from God also helps keep your ego out of the process. When you become emotionally involved or egotistically involved in whether healing will occur, you get uptight and you block the energy flow. Your only responsibility is to channel the energy and to be as pure a vessel as possible. God's will takes over in the actual healing process. We do not help others by identifying with other's pain. We help by providing extra Love energy needed for them to move beyond their own pain and also for them to get insight into their own condition.

In healing sessions similar to this healing meditation, scientists have detected similar brain wave patterns occurring in the "healer" and the "client," whether they are in physical contact, across the room from each other, or across the world. There is much more than just a placebo effect involved in this healing meditation. The results are always positive, often noticeable, and sometimes miraculous. Practice it and see for yourself!

Loving kindness
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