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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Healing Meditation

Originally Posted by Selaviv View Post
I will start this off with my daughters need for healing. She's battling cervical cancer.
Selaviv, altough I do not allways find time to be with you on Wednesdays, please be asured that I'll do my best to help healing your daughter...Since I started doing this, and I mostly tried to help peolple with different cancer types, almost all of them really got healed. The only two that didn't managed (both of them women), were a dear cousine and a dear neighbour.

But both of them got one thing in common...they both gave up fighting.
I tried to convince them that it is really necessary that they must fight against...unfortunately, and I could really sense their resignation, they just gave up...they didn't even expected that a "miracle" could happen...even after I showed them that a "miracle" is possible...

So it is essential that you can convince your daughter to fight with us...and that she doesn't have to worry...We'll send her our light, our love, our healing energies...

By the way, how old is she? I work a lot with mental visualising and it helps me a lot if I know if it's a child or an adult...If you bother posting here, please send me a PM...

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