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Default Re: Use Reverse Speech on PC founders?? Uh, well...

Originally Posted by angellight View Post
Hi Clarity,
My father happens to be one of the best patent attorneys... Hope this helps .
LOL Angellight
Thank you very much for the info. If I have already infringed on anyone's copyright(s) then I guess it's too late for me to say I'm sorry? Well, if that's the case and such copyright holders would like to state their case in court then that is also very possible. In one way it may seem that I am just looking to be sued in court here. If so then I guess that this other video I recently made is evidence to the fact as well? Mind you that this other video has nothing to with RS, but definitely involves copyright material.

By the way if any copyright holder of any material I do use, who also asks me to remove my work concerning them, I would then do so immediately! So Bill? Kerry? if any of you do not approve of me making my RS work, concerning PC or any related copyright material public PLEASE tell me at anytime and I will remove all related material from internet.

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