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Default Re: Genuine Questions I have always had

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
So these may seem like facile questions but if any of us changed our minds on any of these simple things, everything else must shift too. These cover all areas and are not specific to individuals, they are merely questions about things I have heard to be true.

So why would angels have wings if they come from heaven, only things that need to fly in or around the earth have wings?

So why if Karma exists do Tibetians have such seemingly bad karma?

So why wouold aliens come anywhere in ships or why would earthlings, knowing what they know about physics go anywhere in ships?

What are chakra colours to a blind person?

Why does the sun make your skin dark but your hair light?

Why does time here go in a straightline when everything in nature around us is a circle?

why isnt hunger or thirst the 6th sense?

Thats enough for now.....the list quite simply goes on and on

This is just my own conclusions based on years of research – which are always subject to change in light of new and opposing info.

Apparently angels do not have wings as such but because they emit a higher and therefore brighter energy/light/frequency which would be what we now know as energy field, people would describe it as wings as that’s the closest thing they could relate it to. In time, this has engrained itself in the human psyche so when they do ‘see’ an angel then their engrained perception would interpret it as wings. Also there’s literature to say that these angels especially the fallen ones are actually the negative ETs who used such forms to manipulate people – but that’s another story.

It seems to me that the Karma system which includes the class system makes people believe that they are bad to begin with and have to work their way up the system using many reincarnation. Such belief system just begs self fulfilling prophecies. I’ve come to believe that karma is yet another barless prison system to halt our soul evolution and to produce fear to feed the lower 4th dimension and above - but that’s yet another story.

I expect there’re an infinity number of alien species where some would need ships that are more compatible with our 3d due to maybe in them lacking the better technologies of the more evolved species where they are able to manipulate energy to manifest ‘energy ship’. I also understand there’re living ships – bit like Moya from Farscape series.
Also I believe what we’ve been told about physics is not all it seems.

From my understanding, a blind person is more in touch with energies as their sixth sense is more heightened to compensate for lack of sight. Therefore, they may be able to feel the colour as colours are also energy vibrating at a very high frequency. Just observe dogs and dolphins!

Kula answered the skin/hair question beautifully – as always.

Time does not exist – we just see it as linear to be able to ‘create’ this illusion of living in 3D.

Hunger and thirst apparently was not to be of our natural state but our dna was messed with to keep us dependant on energy outside of ourselves and to slow down our evolution. Therefore, it’s not part of our natural sense as it’s a biological function.

I repeat this is just my understanding so far but I remain open minded.
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