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Default Re: Genuine Questions I have always had

Originally Posted by Harper View Post
So these may seem like facile questions but if any of us changed our minds on any of these simple things, everything else must shift too. These cover all areas and are not specific to individuals, they are merely questions about things I have heard to be true.

So why would angels have wings if they come from heaven, only things that need to fly in or around the earth have wings?

So why if Karma exists do Tibetians have such seemingly bad karma?

So why wouold aliens come anywhere in ships or why would earthlings, knowing what they know about physics go anywhere in ships?

What are chakra colours to a blind person?

Why does the sun make your skin dark but your hair light?

Why does time here go in a straightline when everything in nature around us is a circle?

why isnt hunger or thirst the 6th sense?

Thats enough for now.....the list quite simply goes on and on

Brilliant ... love your post Harper. Can we have lots more like this plllleaasee !!

Sadly I can only help you factually with one.

The sun makes the skin dark because it causes the skin to increase the pigment melatonin which acts as a barrier to the sun, protecting the layers of tissue underneath. This is a chemical reaction instigated by our body in response to sunlight.

Sunlight also has a bleaching effect. Ever left your 30th birthday cards up in the window for just a bit too long ? Or walk past a bookshop that never sells any books from the window... so consequently the bleaching effect lightens the hair.

Other ones I'd like to guess at though are

Time does not go in a straight line. Our perception of it has historically, but even that is changing now. Real time is only the now. That's the only time that exists and that always exists. Hence travelling in this time to some other time is possible, because it is always now, wherever you are

I think this will open doors when we get our head around it properly.

I love your point about Alien craft. I bow to anyone's superior knowledge on aliens and ships. I truly hope they post in your thread. But that's exactly the kind of thought I have about these things... Why would they be green? Why would they be humanoid? What are they doing bothering coming here? Why use a ship?? It all seems too (what's that word when you project humanity into something -) anthropomorphic ? like the ego is screaming like a child that everything must be like us.. we must be special... blah blah.. we (I) just don't know those answers, but we dream of what they must be like.

For example, what if interstellar travel was actually impossible ? And the only way to travel great distances was astrally ?

We'd never see aliens, but we would wonder why the sugar bowl never seems to be in the same place...

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