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Default Re: Tesla Motors Execs Plane Crash

Originally Posted by lawyerforliberty View Post
Not everything that is viewed as newsworthy is rooted in a conspiracy. Accidents do happen, even to people engaged in activities that may challenge the powers-that-be and the existing scheme of things. This will be chalked up to an accident, human error most likely--especially if it was not an accident.
Very true, but if you think about some of the greatest names in energy development, they have all had strange deaths.

Rudolf Diesel = found dead floating in the river by train tracks while he was otherwise healthy

Nickolai Tesla = found dead in hotel room in suspicious circumstances (he was an older man, but there is a larger story)

There are many other lesser knowns in the field of alternative energy who have found a similar fate. Tesla CEOs just seem to be the continuance of a greater pattern.

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