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Default Re: IMPORTANT - WebBot Predictions (October 7th Event) on Coast to Coast Sunday!

Here's what I got out of it, I may have to listen again though because that alien stuff was new to me:
  • There will be hints and indicators of the big event(s) in the next 2 weeks.
  • Big event on Oct. 7th: 45-48% military, ~45% (could have been 40%) financial, the rest terra. Again, release language all the way to March. According to them it may not be some huge event, but the boulder will begin rolling down the hill on the 7th.
  • 2.2 or 22 million (they have issues with decimal points apparently) will die or have their lives changed drastically.
  • Earthquake in the pacific northwest in the Dec. 10th-12th range.
  • Winter in the northeast will be particularly cold. People will have difficulty heating their homes due to the financial situation.
  • October 15th there will be some kind of "military misunderstanding."
  • Election is unimportant.
  • No ramifications from the Large Hadron Collider that they can see (yet anyway).
  • A move toward a different type of society. They said it's not quite communal, but pockets of people working together with a definite shift in attitude. There will be more of a barter system with less importance placed on money as we know it.
  • In 2009 some kind of significant global coastal event will occur.
  • There's a small group of good guys on the run with some kind of alien technology and the powers-that-be are after them. Apparently they will enter the public spotlight this December (I think it's December 2008).
  • In 2010 (and beyond?) people will start disappearing, like a multidimentional door opens up and people are forced through it leaving no physical trace behind. Regular people and the ruling elite will disappear this way, in fact, some elite will be traveling around with a posse of body guards/army guys and they'll all disappear.
  • There will be some kind of alien war, either real or a ruse by the powers-that-be (Project Bluebeam possibly).
  • Big changes in religious beliefs coming. Something about evangelicals and December. Not related to the web bot project, Homeland Security is training preachers (thousands of them) for something according to Cliff and George.
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