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Default Re: IMPORTANT - WebBot Predictions (October 7th Event) on Coast to Coast Sunday!

Predictions so far:
• September 22 - 27 will be a stressful period.
• September 27 - October 7 start of significant event.
• October 7 - Significant event lasting for several months.
• US Presidential Elections will be posted.
• It does not matter who the next President will be.
• Israel will attack Iran.
• Massive earthquakes during December.
• Information about the Evangelicals will unravel also in December. Cliff and George noted that thousands of Evangelicals have been trained by Homeland Security as part of the brainwashing process.
• Public disappearance of the Powers That Be and their 'bodyguards.'
• Massive tsunami or heavy coastal flooding that could cause the destruction of many bridges.
• Device(s) - The Cohearers, is in the possession of 'the good guys.' The Powers That Be are hunting for it as well.
• Possible arrival of 'other' beings from other dimension(s)
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