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Lightbulb Re: IMPORTANT - WebBot Predictions (October 7th Event) on Coast to Coast Sunday!

Originally Posted by eagleman View Post
Personally I don't see cancellation of the election or martial law.

There is such a clamoring for Change in the country, whether your for McCain or Obama that any attempt by Bush/Cheney to cancel the election or implement martial law WOULD be met with a national Outpouring of RAGE.

It's not going to happen imo.

Both McCain and Obama would be screaming their heads off as well as members of both parties in the Senate and House.

I WOULD PREFER a global ET appearance instead. Such an event would SHAKE the foundation of the world, especially the religions that would have more of an impact than any cancellation of the election, Martial Law or an attack on Iran.

Wouldn't a Global ET appearance all of a sudden constitute AN Earth-Shattering Event that could easily last for months?

Such an appearance would bring forth a Global emotional outpouring that perhaps would have millions of people screaming as though the end of the world had taken place.

Remains to be seen - I'll take an ET appearance vs. WWIII with Iran, cancellation of the elections or Martial Law.
thats the idea is it not, first they implode the economy then they postpone elctions. remember the illuminati want armageddon. you wont get to vote for it and you wont be asked if you want it. from what i seems to gather on my research is they are way behind schedule and need to get going. prepare for the worst and hope for the best. people power and voting inside the defunct matrix is need to forget the shackles of the old systems. its time to move on and prepare.

ive already moved away from any silly ideas about us turning the system around. it will be destroyed and rebuilt!! the question is who rebuilds us or them?? hope your stocked up good luck
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