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Default New member introduction. Warning about Paypal

Dear Project Avalon
Dear Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan.

I am a new member. Support the cause. I Try to be spiritual and positive.
My specialties are computer science and nutritional (food) science.
The latter I will contribute on later.

I donated and subscribed using Paypal.

I'd like to warn you - that I do not trust paypal.

What happened to me: I paid a donation yesterday and first subscription today and was called by Palpal asking me to verify these transactions - to confirm that I was in control of the account.
I did use a new credit card to Paypal.

1. Ok this is a routine check and I am happy that they are so precise about it.

2. Maybe somebody flagged creditor Kerry Cassidy in paypal and is automatically triggering this verification process. Hoping that at some point somebody will say no I did not do this and so they can freeze the account.

Maybe I am a bit paranoia - it is certainly not the first impression I would like to make but I did not want to Not warn you.

Maybe appropriate contingency measures are necessary.


Ok I am going to be positive further on and forget this as quickly as possible

Hi there you all!

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