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Originally Posted by Lionhawk View Post
Do you have any idea what it is like to be discussed on other forums, since I am not a member of the ones I am speaking of, without being able to say anything to defend one's self? It's like being in the mists. Accusations and misguided comments from a peanut gallery where the participants don't have the balls to take the red pill and yet want to peddle their own carts of what they call ego and dish that out where they go. Did I lose you there? Well why not just go and discuss that with Gabriel. So much for building a trust. Please............
No you did not loose me because I know exactly which forum you are talking about. I am active on only a very small number of forums.

We need to talk if there is a problem - I will try to get you on Skype later when I can get on my computer at home.


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