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I've done alot of research and have explored many topics with regards to the multitude of thoughts we see throughout this and many other forums. This would be my first time, though with regret, posting on any. As most of you know, such observations and thoughts expressed to persons in our immediate circle tend to be dismissed, regardless of how strong our beliefs may be and goodwill towards them. So, for the majority of years spent growing in knowledge and also in solitude, I feel its long overdue to seek out others with similiar open minds and hearts and to hopefully network and pool our thoughts and resources together as expressed in this thread. If you are out there and are seeking the same, feel free to post here and/or send a private message if you're reading this and yet not ready to publicly post, as I was there, only a few lines ago.....from my heart to yours, let the combination of our souls connect and let distance, nor time hinder. I send out positive energy to all and that it guides you in your continued journey.
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