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Default Re: Which film is better at opening the eyes of the people and why?

my personal choices would be,

1. the matrix - for opening the possibilities of multiple dimensions
2. escape from new york - if u like the reverse symbolism and the nwo way of doing things. (john carpenter knew something)
3. they live - another great john carpenter film of the knowledge he must of been privy to. aliens using plasmatic holograms to hide their faces.
4. v for vendetta - a great film of hope and a case of the long time of darkness that enevatably create a lightworker with all the hopes of the humankind to be free.
5. jonny pneumonic - same style of rich and poor divides as e.f.n.y.
6. the last mimzy - after watching the camelot vids of the j-rods and the looking glass, this has to be one of the best films alround for seeing unconscious peoples reactions to the metaphysical, time travel, indigo children and that desperate need to hold onto a system thats completely pointless and is killing us and the planet slowly.
7. the mahabharata - an ancient indian epic that tells of dimensional and extraterrestrial beings in their spacecrafts 'throwing down destructive bolts of lightning on the populus below' or we would say waging war with nuclear/energy beam weapons and ancient weapons that needed intention to use and had all the power of the universe in the hands of the user. by the way, they found these destroyed cities in india and pakistan and they were radioactive with what looked like the old pompei city with people all over the streets, which in my mind makes the mahabharata a factual documentary rather than a piece of fiction. its tells u what level of technology they had in the distant past that puts into perspective that my quad core pc is like a casio watch to them back in the past which is also backed up by the ancient sanskrit records that are now available to research on the web.

...history is much better than fiction.... maybe thats where most of these stories originate from!

peace KE

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