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Default Re: Don't we all want to get out of this game?

Originally Posted by zorgon View Post
Oh but they DO... the SECRET is knowing what those rules are, then applying them to win
We are actually on the same page. My rare cryptic words didnt really come across all that well. Its right though. The answers are here. We dont have to actually change much to win. We must go back in time (with research) and look at the law.

They don't use fake money.... they use OTHER PEOPLES fake money... THAT is one of the secrets
Again very true. Lets face it. Becoming off the grid, almost fully self-sufficient is not easy and only helps yourself/yourselves. I actually dont think we have time to do this. As individuals this is tough but as a community acheivable. In the space of a few years, not possible. So when I say use fake money to combat fake money. We must also create real wealth and build that as fast as possible and spread that with ourselves and gradually it is taken away from the people with power. Living the life off the grid and close to nature is ideal for me but it means the rest of the land is still rotting away while i hope I dont get disturbed. Not an ideal scenario. The change has to look 'better' for the masses. Which is why its tough now. Even when times get hard, they will start eating lower quality food and still be glued to the TV.

You will never be free of laws... there are man's laws... their are Nature's laws... there are laws that run the Universe...but one way or the other you WILL follow laws... any less is Anarchy... and trust me you would NOT like that one bit
Just the word Anarchy means violence to so many. Until i knew what it meant, we are seemingly educated to believe anarchy means every man for themselves, death, destruction and violence and because thats what most think thats what would happen.

When i say use the law to be free from the laws. I mean, we use the real laws, the old powerful laws that overlook and come before these corrupt nonsense corporate laws that control us illegally. Maritime law or Admiralty law as commonly known. Bring transport law into the equation and the more you learn you more you see the joke is on us. Jordan Maxwell actually cites words as stated in law dictionaries to show how they are used.

So there are many of us who now know how to use the law and are learning slowly but surely (the good laws) to overcome and break the chains of law there to control and tax us such as Admirality law (the bad ones used by the PTB that should not exist)

Yes... Which past?
The bill of rights, common law. 'God given rights' as many refer to. Human god given rights when you were born etc. Its all in the past and we will use it to break the chains.

So basically we stay in the game long enough to transfer control and power to change the game. By leaving the game entirely we only help ourselves, which is great but not fast enough.

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