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Default Re: Don't we all want to get out of this game?

Originally Posted by Mike_Jetson View Post
To get out of 'the game' you have to realise that its 'their game'
To get out of their game to your game you must win at their game. To win at their game you must use their rules. (they have none)
Oh but they DO... the SECRET is knowing what those rules are, then applying them to win

To break a system of fake money you use fake money
They don't use fake money.... they use OTHER PEOPLES fake money... THAT is one of the secrets

We will use Law to free ourselves from the laws.
You will never be free of laws... there are man's laws... their are Nature's laws... there are laws that run the Universe...but one way or the other you WILL follow laws... any less is Anarchy... and trust me you would NOT like that one bit

The answers are in the past, not in the future, any questions?
Yes... Which past?
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