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Default Don't we all want to get out of this game?

So, shouldn't we just stop discussing about Bush, HAARP, FEMA, NWO, the financial crisis, money or even UFOs and Aliens? That's not our game! Or at least we don't want to play it any more, do we?

But wait! I have a family, three kids and no money! Shall I take up a loan for a piece of land and a house? No, I wanted to get out of this game, didn't I? But how?

I know We are a part of the Earth, We are One, We are Earth.
And I know We have to become the Caretaker again to be free again.
And I know that time will show me the way if I listen.
But wouldn't it be better to listen together and let the others play their game?

Well, I think I'm just a little impatient.

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