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Default Re: BBC News Night 9 Oct 2008 uses the phrase New World Order

The more you pour nonsense into an expression, in other words the more you bombard the public with all kinds of conflicting ideas, the less the original spirit of the expression is retained by the masses.

People don't consider what they receive by vibration, they stick with the form and the memory they have of a meaning associated to it.

This is true of everything, not just NWO. It is true of channelled materials, that all contribute to confusion, it is true of media in relation to politics that contribute to confusion, it is true of thoughts, relative to the vibration, that contribute to confusion.

And people choose and pick what suits them. So, in a sense they don't choose and pick but the replacement concepts that fit their mentality stick to their mind like a virus sticks to its associated cellular interface. So, the concepts, like thoughts, stick to them using a subjective form. So the person is under the impression that he is the origin of the concept, so that the concept proceeds from his reason.

The coming of the Internet has added immensely to the confusion by giving a platform to a full spectrum of possibilities and suggestions relative to all possible subject topics imaginable, in such a way that what could have been valid information ends up totally drown in a sea of nonsense.

So long as people are susceptible to confusion, they will be influenced by this massive attack, and this attack will just go up in intensity. And the confusion engendered will either numb people totally or bring them to a heightened level of anxiety.
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