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Default Re: BBC News Night 9 Oct 2008 uses the phrase New World Order

Originally Posted by bilderburger w/cheese View Post

my analysis:
its clear that the NWO has changed their media tactics. they obviously cannot hide the illuminati/bohemian grove/NWO topics anymore, so theyre doing damage control by allowing eggheads with no credibility like him to discuss this. with macys offering illuminati t-shirts, theyre trying to diffuse the entire momentum and almost make light of it because theyre getting a bit scared. flooding the mainstream media with the NWO/NAU stuff cast in a lighthearted and benign light will cause the public to learn of it and then allow it to fade as a passing fad.
and if they do try to pull off a one world monetary system or one world government, this is the first stepping stone in accomplishing it so as to steer the public in favor of it. theyll start casting the NWO as something that we need to prevent more financial crises. i expect the mentioning of "NWO'' to be ramped up in the coming weeks.

Give that man a side of fries! The avatar is PRICELESS. :-)

I resonate TOTALLY with what you wrote... this is the equivalent of the some sicko child molester offering everyone a puppy. We'll like them if they give us a puppy, right?

I love it that they are running scared. I LOVE that they know how powerful we are becoming by the SECOND.

In light,
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