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Default Re: Which film is better at opening the eyes of the people and why?

Originally Posted by SoulSuspect View Post
A) The Matrix- cool concept, cool characters, cool visuals but Keanu Reaves was the main star.
B) War of the Worlds- cool looking aliens, cool theme, cool sequences but the little girl and boys actions were way too annoying. Joining the army in the middle of an Alien invasion leaving your family behind, or going outside and screaming at the top of your lungs when aliens are trying to kill you.
C) Fire in the sky- true event, way cool abduction scene, but it took forever to get too and the whole movie was weak sauce except for the few scenes with the aliens.
D) Mario Brothers- Possible the only main stream movie to ever go in such depth with regards to the Reptilains, and Mario Brothers was a cool video game, but John Leaguisamu was way too short to play Luigi.
E) Golden Compass- Full of freemason subject matter hidden and obvious, and it had a cool title and referred to children spirit guides as demons, but the CGI was horrible and the movie sucked.

Pick one then add a couple to the list.
I dont think any of those films would 'open peoples eyes' so to speak. I saw National treasure 1 & 2 and although they have strong occult and freemason links your average viewer wouldnt give it another thought.

I saw all the matrix films again last week after not seeing them for a good 4 years and it was a completely different experience. Only because of my views now.

Never seen C) & E) you mentioned.

Terrorstorm has helped me with family. Edge media TV on sky channel 200. Both Zeitgeist. The rest is up to them. I throw in some sacred geometry, some true banking history and anyone left may join the club. Usually not though
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