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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Understood Gregor

Good luck on that trip

I would like to comment 2 things

1 about the voltage you need
have you tried a tv flyback transformer?
they produce a range from 15kv to 75kv, but with little current (a few miliamps)

If you need more power you could get yourself and old microwave oven transformer , those are heavy, and the convert from 110 volts to 3kv , but with 10 amps (very dangerous)

finally you could wind yourself one, but its alot of winding ( if you do the manual winding, could you post the calculation for the winding so that everybody can make use of it?)

2 About the research
We 2 types of research
a) to prove the overunity efect,
b) to convert that to some comercial usable power

About usable power.
We need power that is usable by every people with comercial devices ,like TVs, LapTops, Airconditionated etc

So need to have some reference parameters to convert the free energy to:

Alternating voltaje/current of 110-220 VAC , at 60-50hz
The power consumtion is measured for every device is in watts , so we need to know how to convert de quantum energy to that

In other words, every gain in the generator must be translated in Joules (work) so that we can have something usefull to produce

if calculate de micro or nano Joules for every atom interaction , then we have something to work with

there IS A LOT of information on free energy out there, but the important thing is to show concepts that lead to something usefull
(like the website on free energy devices of Patrick J. Kelly

I would like to add some concepts, and keep them as simple as possible, but i dont want to distract the attention of your main research

iif you agree,i IŽll be adding info that would expand what you are doing
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