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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

Hello Gregor

It is a great job you are doing.

You said that this is colaborative task, and i agree , building some like this requires many skills, no body knows everything , so we must cooperate.

You are in the right track , i would like to support many of your concepts, as they are correct (in my oppinion at least)

I have some information, to share, but i dont like to bring much attention to me, now since you "open the can of worms" , lets continue your thread

I would like to say that your thread interested me because you talk about specific concepts, and thats the key to advance in this project.

Another thing that i noticed is that , it may be easier for you to be in contact with Nassim Harameim or Marko Rodin, and that is a key factor because they are one of the leading experts on the subject

Much of this information is already covered by
-Nassim Harameim
-Marko Rodin
-Tom Bearden, John Bedini
-Jesie Mercay, and VASTUVED institute
-Tom Valone
-John Searl
-Jeremy Stride
-David Wilcox
Just to mention a few modern researchers

You said that by the moment you are not using physics or math, i believe it is necesary to inlcude some of it on the explanation of concepts

The building of a free energy machine requires knowledge on
-Classical Physics
-Modern Physics
-Mecanical engineering
just to mention a few skills and knowledge

You will realieze (or maybe you have already) that producing free energy is not the difficult part
the hard time is producing a machine that is stable and that its safe for human use and that complies with all the goverment regulations for energy producing machines.

For a machine to engineerable, it must be measurable and predictable ,according to engineering tables and calculations, thats why physics is so important

it is important to describe all the fenomena from a point of reference , wich in this case will be the atom
The atom is the interface between the quantum energy flux and our material world

Nassim has done a great job describing the atom energy in a mesurable way , ant Tom Bearden has done a great research identifying the electromagnetic fenomena

Marko Rodin has done a great job identifying the mathematical cicle of the atom and the electro magnetic interactions

Now all this may sound complex for the non initiated, but if we keep showing simple concepts after concepts, then eventually every one will undestand what we are talking about

If you are interested in me to contribuite, please let me know

Best regards

(forgive any typing errors english is not my native language)
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