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Default Re: co-creating a new paradigm

I have affiliations in the music industry, advertisement, media, law, military, and some other things. There are plans for animations, music, films, and video games, but the lack of hard evidence and the lack of commitment I see in the supposedly righteous to get off their rumps is stagnating our movement.

I strongly feel people with great knowledge (and not just knowledge from books of inspirational writers) should feel obligated in assisting others in their awakening. Although these forums may occasionally assist a truth seeker, they are flooded with individuals who rather preach to the choir than to the many unaware (in the real world) in need of this enlightenment.

I may lead by example and guild some to information and sites like this, but lately itís becoming quite difficult to show the sleepers anything of substance due to the lack of proof and the redundancy of posts expressing opinions over facts. I can only supply people with my personal experiences and facts when dealing with the law of attraction. Everything else Iíve come across seems to be very subjective and theoretical. My main interest are in the Aliens and hidden agendas, there's no need for me to get involved with unproven beliefs/opinionated views of spirituality...When the end comes, the truth will surely manifest, there's no time for debating life after death amongst the living. No one knows for sure and to say you do with out fact will only cause distractions from what really matters...REALITY.

Yeah, Iím in a position to do some great things (as all of us are), just hope more can find the heart and creativity to do the same instead of sitting back thinking the world is going to change for the better without being pro-active. I find truth withinÖI rarely find it within a book I had to pay for. I never believed in anything that wants me to sit and wait for change. Itís a fact you get out what you put in, so procrastinating and beliefs in possibilities will often leave you with undesired results. Anything in life you want you have to put in the effortÖin the end itís always worth it and well appreciated.

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