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Talking Re: co-creating a new paradigm

Yesterday was my birthday and all I could think about is how my heart is breaking seeing so much infighting among friends. It seems like only yesterday PA1 was started with high hopes to form communities world wide for the coming events unfolding. All day I been a bit teary eyes because I really want all of us to evolve beyond this irregardless of what we decide to do in the future.
I am hopeful for the human species, there are many incredible beautiful people walking on this earth at this time, and I feel most of those people are part of this great community. We are making a difference, the quality of post , the wealth of knowledge, the warmth and heart felt embrace is unique, it says a lot about the human race in general. Horizon my friend I want to thank you for this thread. Looking forward to the future and embracing you in the present with a BIG HUG.
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