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Default Re: co-creating a new paradigm

Originally Posted by sjkted View Post
I'll share a few things I'm doing:

(1) I bought a used Mercedes 300D (diesel) and converted it to run on waste vegetable oil. This means I can run my car without Middle East oil and can essentially run it off a waste product for pennies on the gallon.

(2) I'm setting up a fog water collection system that if successful could make me self-sufficient for drinking water and water for my garden.

(3) I have started a garden and am growing fruits and vegetables. I'm extremely fortunate to have a neighbor who is an expert on gardening and is very in tune naturally with the cycles and weather and am learning quite a bit from him.

(4) I have set up a solar panel system and am expanding the number of panels as I can afford to.

I'm not even close to being in the new paradigm yet, but I see these as the main solutions for me until something really big comes along:

(1) Energy (vegetable oil/biodiesel + solar panels)
(2) Water independence
(3) Self-sufficient with fruits/vegetables

This is great!
One of my closest friends is considering the diesel conversion.
I am VREY interested in the water independence issue - I have city and well water - but I need to check into other options (do you have a link to look at?)
I am currently planting fruit trees and tilling soil for a self=sufficient food source. Purchased and moved to a 30 acres of farm land just for this. So far I have 1 goat and chickens too. Lots of cattle where we live.
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