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Default Re: co-creating a new paradigm

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
The books etc are great but we have to apply the knowledge as you obviously do.
Was watching tv, people were raising money for charity by cycling around Scotland and one guy said I was on the bike the longest but traveled the least distance.
Some times it takes time for people to wake up.
I need to be patient.
As I said else where if I get frustrated it because its all there for us, we have the spiritual teachers, we have the books. Yet so many dont get it at least not yet.
We have a marvelous opportunity just now to move forward and the only way that can be done is doing what it takes to dissolve the ego.
All the arguing, over what???
Basically its typical forum, I am right you are wrong, I draw support you draw support, flame war, the subject really has no great importance it just seems to have, any topic will do , just running programed. Ego ego--- thats what is laughing.

"When you take up a position know that you are identifying with an illusion"
thats a quote from "The Course in Miracles" think Eckhart used it.
The moment we hold a strong point of view we will be opposed with equal strength,
Thats physics and human nature. The moment that is understood, then there is no point in protesting anything. Holding your own counsel becomes very powerful and if action is needed it will be very effective.

You know this HORIZONs, just writing for me.

Namaste Chris

You write for you, for me and for us all. This is what I had in mind when I made this thread - a sharing of the minds - so we can all grow into our true nature. TCIM has some great wisdom in it as well, but eventually I had to put that one down, it became too much for me.
First we must have a revelation - then we need a realization - afterwards a knowing: then we can be silent and hear the stream no one else notices.
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