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Default Re: co-creating a new paradigm

Originally Posted by greybeard View Post
Hi Horizon,
I think all is well and going according to plan.
Not our plan as such but the plan of the totality/ Creator/ which ever name you want to apply.
Im comfortable with God but I realize a lot arent.

Eckhart Tolle and others have said that the changes are coming about because The Totality wants to bring them about. see book(The Power of Now).
He is also saying just be present in the Now to the best of your ability, trying to make it happen could just get in the way.

Staying present in the Now is not easy so that is our part of making the effort.

Regards Chris
Namaste Chris, Thanks for posting. I don't think I'll get many hits on this thread - but I am an optemest

I have all of Eckhatrt's books and have read and contemplated them many times (since 2003). I even have several of his CD's before he became famous. I use what I can of his work - what is accesable to me in my situation. I also have a few close friends that we share together with in his words of wisdom. I find it difficult to follow one external individual voice, but I truly learn from them, and as I said I apply what works for me. I think we all must develop our own version of spiritually, and the many teachers we have--like Eckhart--can be of a great assist. "We can walk this road together if our goals are all the same." I resonate with what most of the Mystic's and Sagas teach, and Eckhart is one of those.
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