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Default Re: co-creating a new paradigm

Originally Posted by HORIZONS View Post
I am wondering what others are doing to help co-create a new paradigm of living and human understanding? Are we "waxing our surfboards" and preparing to ride this new wave of energy to new heights? for if we are not we will most likely "wipe out". In which direction are you directing your intent, your energies? Can we positively share our ideas for humanities highest and best good in a framework of cooperation, without the need to attack one another? Can we work together to co-create a new paradigm?
Please share your thoughts.
Hi Horizon,
I think all is well and going according to plan.
Not our plan as such but the plan of the totality/ Creator/ which ever name you want to apply.
Im comfortable with God but I realize a lot arent.

Eckhart Tolle and others have said that the changes are coming about because The Totality wants to bring them about. see book(The Power of Now).
He is also saying just be present in the Now to the best of your ability, trying to make it happen could just get in the way.

Staying present in the Now is not easy so that is our part of making the effort.

Regards Chris
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