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Default Re: Prometheus Initiative

One way of "being" the reality that your heart and higher self know is your true path of education, is your continuing choice of "being" various perspectives. All of which are connections that can help you to be the reality. It's getting to the point where the parallel reality of global free energy is no longer a choice... it's happening and nobody can stop it. Those who would like to stop it are those who will continue fighting in that particular parallel, which is not longer our reality here.

Ok, so we exist in our reality (the free energy one) and those who don't believe, don't know or don't want any free energy now exist in their reality. It's all good because as beings of change we all chose what our reality experience is. We all do this in order to learn more and take with us on our journey of unlimited life experience (because we're all eternal unlimited energy as well).

So the spirit of free energy is with those who chose more connections to it. We do this via or thought energy (feelings, beliefs, non-beliefs, emotions, memories, intentions and other thoughts). Because like TED's everything has a spirit in it. Now that's just one possible way for some to understand how they can be (experience) the reality of free energy.

I would like to know how others here believe the reality of free energy being our reality now. For example, do you believe that there are unlimited versions of you existing in other realities that are connected to this reality here? If so then there are versions of you whom are expert free energy inventors.

Some of these versions of "you's" also know how to communicate with you here. Because they are also professional master spiritual guidance teachers. So that you to can easily connect to them and easily learn how to easily bring free energy into and as your reality experience here. Maybe you can do this through your imagination, meditation, day dreaming, creative writing, affirmations and more? I dunno cause I'm not you. Doesn't mean that we can not talk about all the possibilities though, yes? Either way, this thread is part of it all and I'm glad being part of it here.

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