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Default Re: Bill Ryan interviews Marcel Messing: The Wake-Up Call...

when you are back into your ORIGINAL SPARK
and, you make a decision to incarnate,
into a physical body
(say, your physical body)
we believe, it is done, as, pure intent
- with a list of missions/purposes/and, tasks
chosen pre-natally,
although after incarnating, a soul,
can amend the list, and, do that
either 1) what is in alignment with M/P/T's
and/or/ 2) what is NOT in alignment with original M/P/T's
and/or/ 3) do nothing - except maybe observe

when a discarnate spirit
- decides to take over someone else's original spark,
or get tangled into
the physical/emotional/intellecutal/
etheric/low astral/high astral/low causal/mid causal or high causal
and/or, get between the lower 6
and, where the higher self 7/essence 8/or
monad 9 resides
-this, we believe, it is done,
NOT as pure intent

in some cases, it is possible,
that the actual soul, doesn't even know
it has transpiried - although, this is quite rare
in more evolved souls/or, souls with completed matrixes
where often that soul, utilises the archetype,
to protect itself, from attacks from the dark ones.

the dark ones - do, NOT want folks waking up

they like it, when people - either
1) keep to themselves
2) do NOT interact, and, try to help other souls
3) stay in a neutral / or, observation mode

the kamuras, or, the serpent people from venus,
are, highly evolved souls

we believe, that the soul known, on earth as jesus,
also, that incarntions, as, a kamura
among other incarnations,
and, perhaps, we get to incarnate into each and every one of them
til we actually become a master
(something, perhaps to ponder)
what you have issues with in this life...
you just might get to be, in your next life

in the ser/or serw ~spirit entity removal work WE CAN do
we have seen both good reptiles/and, bad reptiles

there is truth - the higher you go, the further you can fall

contact has been going on, since the beginning of time

human being- is merely a label - where humanoid is a type of dna

the 13th earth cycle - started nearly 9 million years ago
and, souls didn't start incarnating into the current
- 13th grand cycle
til approx. 6.5 million years ago

we think many, on earth, will be shocked,
when they truly discover, what is,
active/or NOT yet activated
within your highly compleX structures
of your ORiGiNAL SPARK
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