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Lightbulb Re: Bill Ryan interviews Marcel Messing: The Wake-Up Call...

all beings - can turn evil , even 'human' beings
all beings hold the potential for evolving/and, operating in the light
only because where manipulated otherwise we would not have gone down this pad. Second the ones who are following '"the way" do not suddenly turn evil. This happens over longer periode of time, like more than 4 billion years!

Evil happend, because of with holding love. But you have to remember that there where lot of wars over the ones following the way and the ones gone materialistic. Before they became evil they where materialistic

This resulted in the fall in vibration in which created a new domain to experience and in which live could be created so you now can go to a lower vibrational body to experience live again.

It looks like we have done this for about 4 billion years and come to a new time periode where we going to start a new cycle. But we become a new being that does not harm at all and will do only good.

So we can't turn evil/materialistic any more!!! thats is part of what we have learned when we evolve!!
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