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Default Re: Bill Ryan interviews Marcel Messing: The Wake-Up Call...

Originally Posted by THE eXchanger View Post
the serpentine race - from venus aka the kamuras are NOT evil reptiles

all beings - can turn evil , even 'human' beings

all beings hold the potential for evolving/and, operating in the light
At this moment in time you are right Susan, even those born out of illuminati families can evolve if they are willing

As I said before, Source loves all of itself, there is no judgement other than the one we do of ourselves, and is held in our own DNA as a regulator of the Law of Cause, effect and consequense which determines which path we are able to walk

But these are times in which even the worse of the karmas (aka shona light or miasms) can be transmuted quickly and painlesly. It takes work and commitment but it is not much in the context of things

Any DNA can be healed

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