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Lightbulb Re: Bill Ryan interviews Marcel Messing: The Wake-Up Call...

Interesting is he talks about the return of the feater serpent god, but said in denial that it is not the reptilian race. Yeah right

Also he talks about the light body and physical body like there is a difference, but is not clearly explaining what it is.

Light body and physical body is just confusing and does not explain anything how it works. What I can say is that the body your in is already a light body.

Because everthing is made out of light!!! what will happens is all the experience you had will be comming together and it will be expressing it self in to the new you, which you already are in the process of making!!

To abble to express the new you your need more energy and this energy is the love(co-create) you have expressed live time after live time only the parts where you have been with holding love is what your trying to fix. (Karma)

Karma is light which is folding on it self creating a lower vibration like your cancel your self out.

The basic explaintion of evolution is to co-create enough energy expressing it self over a periode of time what you wanted to be.

We as a planet have enough energy expressed for an evolution, but need to filter the karma out on a personal bases to survive the shift.

Btw we as a race created a lot of karma and this is the reason why we fell so mutch in time

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