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Default Re: To all my friends on the fence.....PA2

I was on the fence, but now I am off. I have joined the PA2 and I am looking forward to a place where I can go to without feeling like I am in the middle of a playground.

I have never been a person who enjoys watching other people get hurt, and I have seen a few here get hurt.

I just wish to continue in my search for truths, and knowledge, so that I may be able to continue my own growth, without restraints.

I will be patient with the new forum, and I will be watching very closely to see if it will be over moderated. I, like many here, agree that free speech is very important, and should not be reined in.

BUT, I will have respect for PA2's goals, meaning, I will not stir up any pot that does not belong to the discussions at hand. Since PA2's interests parallel mine, there should be no problem, it is as easy as that.

love & light to all
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