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Default Re: To all my friends on the fence.....PA2

Originally Posted by orthodoxymoron View Post
This does not feel like a transition to bigger and better things. This feels like a takeover and a crackdown. Who knows what pressures have been exerted on the legitimate administration of Avalon? A takeover and a crackdown would be disguised...would it not? It wouldn't be an open 'We're the Alphabet Nice Guys and Jesuits...and We're Here to Help!' Just leave Avalon alone...except for going back to $5/month...and perhaps some minor changes in moderating and posting guidelines. I'm expecting unexpected visitors to my home. I'll make some coffee when you show up at 3AM.
Oxy...I have reservations also....If the energy keeps up the way it's been.

I won't stay long....

BUT aren't we the ones that make the place a home??

Oxy...your threads are an inspiration!! to me and others...many others

I would not be much if I did not try to convince folks like you and Jester....(fill in name here) to at least give it a try.


No I did not have visitors last night at 3 am....
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