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Default Re: Being humble - a key to eternity


I have SUCH a history of alcoholism in my family (grandparents, parents, 1st husband, etc.), and so i have attended a fair number of AA, NA, & Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings. I really believe that these groups are some of the best examples on the planet of christianity-in-action. and yes, i too have great respect for the "Big Book." the proof's in the puddin!


"it takes humility to see that some problem is bigger that your strength now is and that you ask for help."

so true, so true! and it breaks my heart to see how many addicts refuse help because their false pride won't allow them to "humbly admit their powerlessness." i know this seems to fly-in-the-face of our ongoing journey to "claim our inner divinity." but when your life is shattering, i think it's usually wise to "fall to our knees" FIRST, before we try to walk, run and stand.

love, my brothers
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