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Default Re: Thuban Thoughts II

777 The Great Work...I generally appreciate your comments...but the last one sounds anti-intellectual and pro-denial. I've made it no secret that I'm not a big fan of New Age Mumbo Jumbo...or the Traditional Biblical Theological Mumbo Jumbo. I'm trying to go in a new direction of clarity and reason...but it is true that this is scary...especially regarding various speculations combined with the release of formerly hidden and forbidden knowledge. The veil is being lifted...and the view is me anyway. There is a stained-glass window at Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco which features the words 'And Then Came the Light'. That's how I feel right now. I will not crawl back into a subterranean channel of darkness. I might, however, wear sunglasses!

The strange mathematical and complex ramblings found in the abraxasinas/Thuban material could conceivably be representative of how Draconian Reptilians communicate with each other. The real problems may arise when this method of communication is used in conversation with Human Beings. Bill Cooper described the aliens as being very mathematically minded...and that they understood the computer binary language very well. The way they might hypothetically rule us...might be similar to the manner in which they rule themselves. Look at the abraxasinas/Thuban material for clues...rather than getting sucked into it emotionally and spiritually. Proceed with extreme caution. Could this material contain hidden secrets which were not meant by the darkside to be revealed to Human Beings? If there were nothing to the abraxasinas/Thuban material...except for a delusional 52 year old man living in Australia...why would there be so much frantic desperation to reign-in Avalon? Think long and hard about that one. Was the walk-in walking from darkness into light...and spilling the beans in the process? Is the darkside in a state of absolute panic? Is this spilling into the Avalon forum? It makes me wonder. It really makes me wonder. I really and truly wish to interact with other than Human races...even if they are demonic in nature...and I don't know that they are. All I know is that I refuse to worship them as gods...and I refuse to not learn about them because they might be demonic. I seek mutual understanding and appreciation...rather than endless warfare and hatred. Is there some way in which we can work out our seemingly ancient conflict...without enslavement or extermination? I certainly hope so. But once again...I am flying blind. I hope I didn't jinx the process in the Thuban Q&A...and in 'Thuban Thoughts'. No one ever tells me anything. KRLLL=666=III=MYMYMY=ORTHODOXYMORON=888=THUBAN

Namaste Constitutional Responsible Freedom

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